How To Stay Active In The Winter
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How To Stay Active In The Winter

Zoe Kramer January 8, 2023

Winter is the hardest time of year to be motivated to exercise. Cold blustering winds make it much more comfortable to stay inside, and early sunsets make it feel like it’s time to curl up and sleep even when it’s only the afternoon. But maintaining an exercise regimen is more important than ever during these frigid months, since it helps with not only physical but also mental health. So here are some ways to stay active in the winter while avoiding the elements.

Switch Up Your Schedule

If you normally exercise in the evenings, it may be more difficult to follow this routine in the winter when it gets dark earlier. One way to fix this is to change your workout schedule. Exercising in the mornings or early afternoon helps you take advantage of the daylight. Plus, it has the added benefit of allowing you to finish your workout early, leaving you the rest of the day to relax.

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Try Mall Walking

One great way to avoid the cold is to do your walks indoors. Malls are great for walking, since they typically cover a large area and are heated. Some even have tracks on the floor that you can follow to keep track of the distance you’ve covered. You can set yourself a given number of laps to complete or just feel it out.

Find An Indoor Pool

Swimming doesn’t have to be a summer-only activity. Indoor pools are a great option to shake up your workouts. The heated water feels amazing when it’s cold out, and your swimming practice is great for building muscle strength without putting stress on your joints.

Workout From Home

Another great way to stay active in the winter is to keep it simple. You don’t even need to leave your house to get exercise. If you have a peloton, treadmill, or other exercise equipment in your home, this is a great time to put it to use. Otherwise, you can run stairs or select from the thousands of online workout videos you can follow from the comfort of your room.

Stretch It Out

Cold weather means it’s easy to get stiff in your muscles and joints. To combat this, make sure you incorporate flexibility into your workout routine as well as strength. There’s a range of options, whether it’s a few leg stretches before and after you walk or a full yoga sequence.

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