Is Spotify Down? Fans Report Lyrics Are Not Showing Up
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Is Spotify Down Right Now? Fans Report Lyrics Are Not Showing Up

Jasmyne Jeffery December 8, 2022

Fans of the streaming app have taken to Twitter after noticing a problem with the app. Reporting that the lyrics feature isn’t showing up, users are asking is Spotify down.

It’s the biggest music streaming app in the world, so many users are a little annoyed to find that Spotify is not working properly this morning (December 8). Airing their frustration on Twitter, users are realising that they are definitely not alone in finding that the Spotify lyrics feature is not showing up.

Now, it seems like there are even bigger problems with the streaming service on the web too.

Is Spotify Down?

Looking at Down Detector, it seems there has been a surge in users failing to use Spotify properly, suggesting Spotify is down. There has been a huge spike in reported outages, affecting users around the globe.

Lots of Twitter accounts seem to be confirmed that there are big issues with the app and web player currently. It looks like we might have to put listening to our favourite Christmas songs on hold for a little bit.

It seemed that the issue first started with Spotify lyrics not working, but now more users are saying that the web player is also not working properly.

The streaming app itself hasn’t confined that they are having any issues, but the overwhelming amount of tweets about the issue suggests that lots of users are finding that the app is down.

Fans Take To Twitter To Ask ‘Is Spotify Down?’

As with most issues like this, the first response for users is to take to Twitter and other social media to see if they are alone. Evidently screaming into the chaotic void is one way to check if you’re issues are actually happening.

A big concern at the moment is access to the web player. Users are reporting that error messages are coming up. The reason looks to be some sort of connection error meaning the website is unable to load properly.

Even though some are saying the issues are fixed, many fans are still saying they’re having problems.

It looks as if problems have only been getting worse over the morning. Hopefully, the issues will be quickly fixed. After all, we all want to go back to listening to our Spotify Wrapped playlist all over again.

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