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Is The University Of Exeter Good?

Zoe Kramer March 5, 2023

The University of Exeter is a large institution with four different campuses: Streatham, St. Luke’s, Truro, and Penryn. It’s host to a wide ranging and fantastic community of students in Devon and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in potentially applying for the University of Exeter, it’s only natural that you would want to have a sense of its reputation first. So is the University of Exeter good? Here are some of the key pieces of information you’ll want to know before making your decision.

Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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Is Exeter A Good University?

Depending on subject of study, personal preferences, and all kinds of other factors, two students could have very different experiences at the University of Exeter. It’s impossible to say for sure whether Exeter will be a good fit for a particular student, however there are certain things you can take into consideration to make an estimate. One of the factors you can look at is student opinion. What current and previous students have to say about their experience can be a good indication of whether you should apply. So, here is what students had to say about the University of Exeter.

“It is a university that will surprise you. Did not have much expectations coming in but the campus, staff and societies etc really have stood out and impressed me,” a student wrote on StudentCrowd.

“Societies are great and there are so many clubs – there is a group for everyone to make friends and enjoy the social aspect of university. Some for social sciences essay feedback is slightly (not always) vague, which makes it difficult to apply to future essays,” a student pointed out on WhatUni.

“I’ve had a great experience so far. Good selection of societies, good Student Guild, lots of career services, good wifi. Pretty campus – love how close it is to Exmouth beach and cornwall. Plenty of opportunity to explore the beauty of the South West of England. Had no issues with teaching and have enjoyed my first and second year studying English. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in societies and meet likeminded people!” Another student weighed in on StudentCrowd.

While Exeter has its flaws like any university, the overall student impression appears to be a positive one. It received a rating of 4.37/5 on StudentCrowd and 4.2/5 on WhatUni. This level of satisfaction is a good indication that a prospective student will likely have a positive experience.

What Does The University Of Exeter Specialise In?

One of the top ranked courses at Exeter is the field of Earth and Marine Sciences. Geology degrees are particularly popular at this institution. Geology students have upwards of 60 days of field work and have the option of an industrial placement. So, if you have an interest in scientific analysis of the natural world, Exeter could be a good fit.

Another top course at this institution is Engineering. Engineering students at Exeter complete a first year of core modules before moving on to specialise in a variety of different areas. Students have access to project spaces, study spaces, labs, and even a vehicle assembly area.

Many students at Exeter also enjoy the study of Classics. Classics students at Exeter will learn ancient Latin and Greek, study the cultures of the ancient world and analyse literary texts. Exeter is ranked 10th in the UK for the subject according to The Complete University Guide, so it’s fair to say that students will be in good hands at this university.

Is Exeter A Russell Group University?

If you’re considering studying at Exeter, you may want to know whether it has Russell Group status before you apply. The University of Exeter is a Russell Group university. Here is the full list of universities in this organisation:

Many students look at Russell Group status as a point of comparison. It’s important to note that being a part of this group is not synonymous with prestige or quality, since there are plenty of excellent institutions that aren’t on the list. However, Russell Group universities do tend to have plenty of resources available for students, as well as a high level of academic rigour. In addition, they are known for having high quality research. As a result, Exeter being a Russell Group University is another good piece of its reputation to consider in the university search process.

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