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Is The University Of Northampton Good And Is It Russell Group?

Jasmyne Jeffery May 3, 2023

If you’re thinking of attending the university, you’ll want to know if the University of Northampton is considered good. As well as that, we can tell you what it’s good for and if it’s part of the prestigious Russell Group.

When deciding where to study, knowing where you may potentially go is received is important. Of course, other things such as location, proximity and affordability, should also be considered. However, any student will tell you that they looked up how well their university ranked before applying.

That’s no different with the University of Northampton. If it’s on your list but you’re unsure, then we can answer if the university in Northampton is good.

Is The University Of Northampton Good?

According to The Complete University Guide, the university ranks 98 out of 130 universities in the UK for 2023, meaning it’s well below average in the league tables. This is down 8 places from last year where it ranked in its highest position ever.

Looking more closely at the results, 86 per cent of undergraduates complete their course with 75 per cent of students satisfied with their time there.

Out of the ten categories, the University of Northampton scores 65 per cent or less in five categories. This means that it gets an overall percentage of 50.

So, looking at the league tables, there are lots of universities that are better than Northampton, with some definite room for improvement.

What Current Students Think

Of course, the opinion of students who have actually attended the university is just as important as the league tables.

Looking at The Student Room, it comes in at 129 out of 140, so even lower than the above.

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With reviews by 87 verified students, the University of Northampton scores 3.1 stars out of 5, so well over half. Breaking down the rating, it gets the following out of 5:

  • Internet/WiFi: 3 stars
  • Careers Service: Just below 3 stars
  • Students Union: 3 stars
  • Clubs and Societies: 3 stars
  • Campus/Facilities: 3.5 stars

The review labelled ‘most helpful’ gives the university a four-star rating and praises its scenic location and how helpful the staff are at finding part-time jobs for students:

“The waterside campus of the University of Northampton is beautiful. Currently, I am pursuing an MSc in Project management. There are numerous student groups and organisations at my university, but I have not participated much. There are numerous possibilities for student housing, but early reservation is required.

“The university’s Changemaker hub is organising a career expo and placement opportunities, and they are assisting students with their CVs and career paths. The students’ union organises several events for students. Multiple communities exist at the university to engage international students in various activities. The Unitemps staff will assist us in finding part-time jobs within the institution”

Although it ranks quite low compared to other UK universities, its reviews indicate that students find it above average in most areas.

Is Northampton University Russell Group?

No, the University of Northampton is not in the Russell Group Universities. Here are the ones that are:

Does It Have Any Specialities?

The university doesn’t have any specialities and wasn’t founded until 2005, making it one of the youngest in the UK.

However, Study In The UK suggests that the University of Northampton is famous for Nursing, Healthcare and Event Management. If you’re interested in studying one of them, then this could be the university for you.

Deciding where you study is a very personal decision that’s made up of a lot of factors. However, now you know the opinion of Northampton University, it can better inform your choice!

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