It’s been a pretty historic week for Lionel Messi having won the World Cup and all, but he’s actually achieved another huge achievement too. Whether he thinks it’s better than winning the World Cup we may never know, but he now has the most-liked picture on Instagram. Taking the crown and overtaking Cristiano Ronaldo, we look at the other most liked Instagram posts.

It’s not hard to imagine that Lionel Messi is having a pretty good week right now. The footballer was crucial in Argentina’s nail-biting win over France at the weekend. All we know is that England definitely wouldn’t have faired well in those penalty shootouts. Messi took to Instagram to share his joy at the historic win and it quickly became the most-liked Instagram post ever. Not only did he overtake frenemy Ronaldo to do it, but some other more surprising pictures too.

Messi Becomes Most Liked On Instagram

It’s not surprising that Messi wanted to share his career high with his hundreds of millions of fans on Instagram. But he probably didn’t think it would become the most-liked post ever. We can’t even fathom the number of notifications he must have received.

The picture sees him holding the World Cup trophy just after the tense game with a look of complete elation plastered over his face.

Other pictures on the post are of him celebrating with his teammates, and rightly so!

The post was only uploaded a couple of days ago (December 18) and quickly became the most-liked post on Instagram ever. The set of pictures has a huge 56 million likes and counting. Even the pictures he has posted since are climbing the ranks and will feature on our list.

What Are The Most Liked Posts On Instagram?

With Messi in the number one spot, here is who else occupies the top 5.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Twin Pregnancy

Ronaldo took to Instagram on October 28 2021 to announce that his wife was expecting twins. The post got a lot of love and has well over 32 million likes.

4. Lionel Messi With The World Cup Trophy

You may be thinking that surely this was the one in the top spot. Nope, Messi posted multiple pictures of his win (who wouldn’t?) and this one also reached the most-liked Instagram post list.

Posted a mere 20 hours ago, the post has 34 million likes already.

3. Ronaldo And Messi Playing Chess

This post was always destined to be popular with the two most followed people in the same image. Though the picture was posted on both their accounts, it was Ronaldo’s upload that has become the third most-liked Instagram post ever.

A partnership with Louis Vuitton, the post came just before the World Cup began where the two best players would be fighting for the championship. Though Ronaldo’s post got more likes at a huge 42 million, Messi actually won the competition. So, it’s a win-win situation really.

2. The Egg

There was a bit of a pattern, but this one throws a spanner in the works a bit. Posted in an act of rebellion with the sole purpose of becoming the most-liked Instagram post, it was achieved within ten days on January 14 2019. Dethroning the first picture of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, we have the egg.

The egg was the most-liked post for almost 1500 days before Lionel Messi overtook it and has a huge 56.2 million likes. It wouldn’t take a lot for it to become the reigning champion again with less than a million between the two posts.

And then, we have Messi in the number one spot! After beating Cristiano Ronaldo a few times and himself, it was finally the egg that made him the most-liked post on Instagram!

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