Romanticising Your Life And Becoming The Main Character Is Good For Mental Health
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Romanticising Your Life And Becoming The Main Character Is Good For Mental Health

Cicely McFarlane May 26, 2023

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Putting yourself and your health, both mental and physical, first, should be a priority for everyone’s. And that is where romanticising your life comes in.

It can often be that people tend to put other’s wants and needs before their own. This may have become a pattern in your life, to the point where you are actually the last person that you take care of.

This needs to change for your own wellbeing.

Putting yourself first, understanding what your mind and body not only wants, but needs, will allow your mental health – as well as your productivity in your day-to-day life – to grow tremendously.

When you learn to romanticise your life and see yourself as the main character in your story – instead of a sidekick or supportive role – you will start to live for yourself, not anyone else.

Be the main character of your life

There may be certain pressure from your friends, family, or loved ones to be a certain version of yourself. A cookie cutter version who is agreeable, and not fully who you are.

Even in your career, make sure you are going down a path that you have chosen, and not what has been thrust upon you since a young age.

There is so much to explore out there, to find out who you truly are, what you love, what you like to do and what you eventually want to pursue.

Setting aside time to finding out who you are as a person will allow for you to truly be yourself.

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Romanticise the small things

Learning how to romanticise the day-to-day activities in your life can help you create a more positive side to your day; even if this means starting with some little things.

Treat yourself to a meal on your own or go to see a movie even if no one is free to go with you. In so doing, you will get a further sense of independence that you will end up cherishing.

This will allow you to enjoy time on your own and learn how not to rely on someone constantly being around.

Some of the best activities to start enjoying some alone time would be reading while enjoying a glass of your favourite wine, studying in the park on a sunny evening instead of the library, or something as small as walking the long way home instead of driving.

Taking time to break from your busy day and enjoy the things that are constantly surrounding you allows you to be appreciative of where you are in life.

This can also help to destress and ground you, particularly if you are having a trying day.

Overall, this article sheds light on how putting yourself, your mental health and ways in which you can stay grounded when life seems overwhelming, at the forefront.

It demonstrates how you can find the beauty, enjoyment, and relaxation in the smallest things in your day.

Doing this will ensure a shot of positivity in your day, and this will lead to a happier day during those more stressful periods.

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