Who Are Teya and Salena As Austria Eurovision Entry Goes TikTok Viral?
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Who Are Teya and Salena As Austria Eurovision 2023 Entry Goes TikTok Viral?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 9, 2023

We’re officially on the countdown to Eurovision, this year hosted in the UK! Lots of countries are announcing their acts and entry tracks, with one, in particular, catching people’s interest. With their song, Who the hell is Edgar? are the Austria Eurovision 2023 entrants, Teya and Salena!

We’re used to Eurovision having some whacky and wonderful songs and entries each year; in fact, it wouldn’t be the same without them. This morning, it was announced that Mae Muller is the UK’s 2023 entry, but we aren’t the only country with entry news this week. Selected back in January, yesterday (March 8) the Austria 2023 entry, Teya and Salena, released their song, and it may give the UK some competition.

The Austrian Eurovision 2023 Entry Release Who The Hell Is Edgar

We’re not surprised if the song title has caught your eye and we have to admit, it’s a little more interesting than I Wrote A Song. The catchy dancey anthem is certain to be a Eurovision hit with its quirky lyrics, sung in a mixture of English, Italian and more.

You may think it’s about an ex-boyfriend or lover called Edgar but you would be wrong. Think about the most famous Edgar…that’s right, Who the hell is Edgar is about American writer Edgar Allen Poe.

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In the song, a girl compliments another on her writing abilities. However, the writer admits that it isn’t actually her work and that she’s been possessed by Edgar Allen Poe. Not too bothered to have the ghost of the writer living inside her, the persona is glad that she’ll become rich because of his talent.

It is an odd one and we guarantee this wasn’t what you thought it would be about. You have to admit, however, that it is incredibly catchy and it’s the epitome of Eurovision song entries.

Speaking to Eurovision World about the song, Teya and Salena said that it’s not all about Poe:

“This song is a snapshot of the fun we had writing it. It started with wanting to convey what it feels like when a good song is made. Sometimes creativity rushes through you like you’re possessed by a ghost.”

It’s fun, satirical and creative to say the least. Plus, it’s already stuck in our heads so that probably bodes well for them…us, not so much.

Who Are Teya And Salena?

Formed in 2021, the pop duo competed on the fifteenth season of Starmania, a talent show in Austria. Previously, Teya had competed on The Voice Austria but unfortunately didn’t make it to the live shows.

Teya and Salena attempted to represent Austria in the 2018 Eurovision but lost out to César Sampson, who finished third. In 2020, Teya who is Serbian-Austrian, submitted an entry to compete for Serbia in Eurovision but was not chosen. Unfortunately, Eurovision 2020 was cancelled that year due to COVID-19.

They will be the first female duo that Austria are sending to the contest, hoping to succeed with Who the hell is Edgar.

Teya, who is 22 and Salena, who is 24 will certainly be glad to finally compete in Eurovision as it heads to Liverpool.

“I wanted to go to the Eurovision Song Contest as a child,” Teya said,” it has always meant to me that even big dreams can come true, regardless of who you are and where you come from. I can’t wait for the first step on stage.”

Neither of the singers have a large social media following, though it appears that this is their TikTok page. However, the hashtag #whothehellisedgar already has over 150k views on TikTok, despite only being released yesterday. Clearly, the song is catching on with people unable to resist the funky beat.

If it’s popularity continues, it’s guaranteed to be a Eurovision 2023 hit.

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