The Best St Paddy's Day Memes To Celebrate March 17
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The Best St Paddy's Day Memes To Celebrate March 17

Jasmyne Jeffery March 17, 2023

St Patrick’s Day is upon us and preparations for celebrations are well underway. If you’re already nursing a sore head or need to get into the spirit, we have the best St Paddy’s Day memes no matter how you’re feeling.

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Though the day is mainly for those in Ireland, it’s become a global day of celebration. Whether it’s dressing up, having a party or pretending you love Guinness for a day, getting involved is super easy. We’ve already offered St Patrick’s Day recipes, and even some Paddy’s Day cocktails for those who had admitted defeat with Guinness; now, it’s time for some memes to sum up how we’re all feeling about the day.

The Best St Paddy’s Day Memes

Get ready to shamROCK with laughter at these hilarious St Patrick’s Day memes!

Even if they’re only the smallest part Irish, you’ll hear about it all day on March 17.

If you didn’t know, St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. His driving must have been pretty terrible as they’ve not been back since.

Truly the best kind of coffee.

If you didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, then St Patrick’s Day is definitely the day for you.

Just make sure you’re actually in a pub before you go drinking anything green.

We might say we’re only going to have a couple, but it always ends the same way.

Wearing green isn’t enough. This St Paddy’s day you need to have at least one Shamrock on you.

Today is not the day to start off slowly.

No doubt the person in the office doing this is the one who is 0.1 per cent Irish.

Remember to stretch beforehand!

If you don’t want to be pinched, then you better wear green. Plus, if your year hasn’t had the best start, then kissing someone Irish is meant to be lucky! Whatever you’re up to this St Paddy’s day, make sure it’s a good one!

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