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The Final Chapter TikTok Trend Shows Reality Of Break Ups

Jasmyne Jeffery March 25, 2023

Though TikTok is a great way to escape, lots of people use it to show real life too. One of the ways to do that is by showing the realities of breakups, and how things don’t always end badly. That’s exactly what the final chapter TikTok trend does.

The last stages of a relationship are normally pretty obvious when the feelings are mutual, but it can still be hard. That’s especially the case when there’s still love for one another, but the split is necessary. TikTok‘s latest trend explores that heartbreaking feeling of needing to move on that we can all relate to.

What Is The Final Chapter Trend?

The trend shows a picture of a typewriter with the words ‘the final chapter’ written on some paper. The video will then show the final messages between a couple breaking up, or someone taking the necessary steps to move forward from the relationship.

Those taking part in the trend typically use the DENII – suara alsi sound with it, which gives some emotional dramatic music to accompany the video.

The final chapter hashtag has a huge 51.7 million views, so clearly it’s a situation a lot of us have experienced.

You can easily get involved with the trend by using the sound and making a capcut edit with the typewriter image. Just screenshot it from another video to use in your own. Though it’s not the most fun trend to take part it, you might find it cathartic if you’ve just been through a breakup.

Examples Of The Final Chapter On TikTok

If you want some examples to look at before creating your own, or just need an emotional watch, then we’ve got you covered.

Though we can’t see the messages on this one, you can tell that this was really difficult for them.

Short but not-so-sweet, this is brutal.


Stop wasting your energy to prove that you are the best, just live at your best for yourself not for others. You deserve someone better👋🏽 #thefinalchapter #justliveyourlife #lifeadvice #CapCut

♬ suara asli – DENII – DENII

Though there may not be bad blood, sometimes blocking them is what’s best for you.

Now you’ve seen some heartbreaking examples, you know exactly what the final chapter TikTok trend is all about. There are loads more examples you can find if you want to take a deeper look. Breakups really do suck, especially when there are so many feelings involved.

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