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Top Universities For Geography In The UK

Jasmyne Jeffery May 17, 2023

Deciding what subject to decide is half the battle, but then deciding when to study is the next part. A popular course, here are the top universities for geography in the UK, including the best.

Wanting to know what the best universities are for your chosen subject is pretty understandable. It’s a huge factor that can play into the decision of which university you’ll attend. If you’re thinking of studying Geography and Environmental Sciences, then we’ve got the best ones in the UK.

The Top Universities For Geography

The following institutions are ranked the best for Geography in the UK, according to the Complete University Guide.

5. University of St Andrews:

One of the highest regarded universities on Scotland, with immense landscapes in the country it’s no wonder it’s one of the best for Geography.

Looking at its scores, it gets the following:

  • Student satisfaction: 84 per cent.
  • Entry standards: 100 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 79 per cent.
  • Research quality: 82 per cent.

Overall, it gets a score of 94 per cent.

4. London School of Economics And Politics:

Not one you immediately associate with Geography, the university is still considered the fourth best in the UK.

Here is what it scores:

  • Student satisfaction: 77 per cent.
  • Entry standards: 84 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 87 per cent.
  • Research quality: 88 per cent.

Despite not achieving a score above 90 per cent, the London School of Economics and Politics gets an overall score of 94 per cent.

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3. Durham University

The Russell Group University makes it into the top three in the UK. Here’s how it scores:

  • Student satisfaction: 78 per cent.
  • Entry standards: 88 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 83 per cent.
  • Research quality: 89 per cent.

As an overall score, Durham gets 95 per cent.

2. University of Oxford

It’s no surprise that an Oxbridge university makes it onto this list. If there’s a list looking at the top universities of anything in the UK, you’re guaranteed to see at least one of them on there. Here is how the University of Oxford scores:

  • Student satisfaction: 80 per cent.
  • Entry standards: 89 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 89 per cent.
  • Research quality: 88 per cent.

Only just bettering Durham University, Oxford gets an overall score of 96 per cent.

The Best University In The UK For Geography

And now, for the one that tops them off. The best university for Geography in the UK is the University of Cambridge.

According to the rankings, Cambridge gets an impressive overall score of 100 per cent, made up of the following:

  • Student satisfaction: N/A.
  • Entry standards: 91 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 86 per cent.
  • Research quality: 90 per cent

So, if you’re looking to study at the university that is the best at offering Geography. That’s no mean feat as it’s notoriously difficult to get into. However, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t.

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