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What Is The GYATT TikTok Meaning?

Jasmyne Jeffery January 25, 2023

The internet is constantly throwing out new words and acronyms that we need to keep up with. Sometimes, that task is too much and you’re left baffled at all the new terms the cool kids are throwing out. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work and found out what the GYATT TikTok meaning is, as well as a few more definitions.

If you have to Google the definition of something you’ve seen on TikTok every other day then you’re not alone. Having to look up isn’t shameful and shows a willingness to learn and keep up with the trends, which is always good. The latest culprit has multiple meanings, so what does GYATT stand for?

What Does GYATT Mean On TikTok?

Although it reads as an acronym, GYATT is actually comparable to saying ‘damn’ when talking about a woman’s appearance.

Looking at Urban Dictionary, the GYATT TikTok meaning actually began on Twitch. The term is used to express your enthusiastic attraction towards someone, typically due to physical attributes.

You would leave it as a comment on the person you find attractive’s post, or in the chat if they’re streaming.

So, if you’ve seen it in your comments or all over your For You page, you now know what the GYATT TikTok meaning is.

What Does GYATT Stand For?

GYAT can also be used as an acronym, standing for ‘get your act together’ — though you wouldn’t use the last T for this one. However, if you really wanted emphasis then maybe you could!

However, it’s also a shortened version of ‘goddamn,’ which kind of works if you say it quite quickly and forget two Ds in the middle. This would also be used to convey your attraction.

We’re not sure the internet has made a lot of sense out of these ones, to be honest.

According to Distractify, those use who GYATT on TikTok don’t want others to know what it means. This could be because they’re a little ashamed, or they just love confusing people. Eitherway, now you know the secret don’t do what we’ve done and spread the word.

This makes sense looking at people’s reaction to seeing GYATT in their comments and having no idea what it means.

Even the comments to this video prove that it’s baffling everyone.

“Bro what does that even mean,” one shared, with another saying the same, “what does it mean!”

With power comes great responsibility. Now you know the GYATT TikTok meaning, you must use it wisely and keep the secret close to your chest.

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