Why Are There Square Profile Pictures On Twitter And Great Reactions

Why Are There Square Profile Pictures On Twitter And Some Great Reactions

Jasmyne Jeffery December 20, 2022

Twitter has had quite a few changes since Elon Musk became CEO. It seems like a day can’t go by without users noticing something else. This time, Musk has decided that some Twitter profile pictures will be square going forward. After the votes for Musk’s Twitter poll are in, perhaps users have had enough of his tenure.

If it’s not introducing Twitter Blue, getting rid of it, or reinstating it again, then there are always other changes that Elon Musk is making to put his stamp on the social media platform. Only last week were there changes to the colours on the verification tick, with a new gold version introduced. But there is no rest for the billionaire after noticing another difference.

Why Are There Square Profile Pictures On Twitter?

Twitter announced that business profiles will have a square profile picture so that they are more distinguishable on the app.

The change was rolled out yesterday with lots of users noticing it before the official announcement had been made.

Last week, the golf verification tick was introduced solely for businesses so that users could identify them more easily. Blue ticks are now for ‘legacy accounts’ (meaning they had a tick before Musk took over) and those subscribed to Twitter Blue.

There was an announcement that some users would be getting a new grey tick, which was rolled out properly yesterday. This is for government accounts.

Longtime users of the app will remember that Twitter first started out with square profile pictures before making the change to rounded ones in 2017. Now, everyone is reacting to the change.

Twitter Reacts To The Change…Again

When anything changes on Twitter, the first thing users do is Tweet about it with some hilarious reactions.

Whatever you think about square profile pictures, you can’t deny it’s the perfect fit for Minecraft.

Spongebob kids will only have this running through their heads now. You know you’ve become an adult when Plankton is starting to make sense…

Others are having flashbacks to the previous set of square profile pictures on Twitter. It’s as if no time has passed at all.

And the accounts who didn’t change their profile pictures quickly enough were left with some awkward white space. It seems like not many businesses were consulted about the change then…

The Elon Musk Twitter Poll

Musk made quite a risky move yesterday when he tweeted a poll about whether users wanted him to step down as Twitter CEO. At the time, he did say that he would listen to the results of the poll. However, the poll is now over and most people said they wanted him to step away from Twitter, but the billionaire hasn’t done so yet.

Clearly, users haven’t been particularly happy with the changes that Musk has made. Perhaps the square profile pictures was the final straw.

Whether Musk will listen to the Twitter poll remains to be seen, but he did reply to a tweet speculating about the involvement of bots in his poll. Maybe he’ll demand a recount.

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