Exercise That Doesn't Feel Like Exercise For Students
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Exercise That Doesn't Feel Like Exercise For Students

Ellie-Rose Baker February 27, 2023

I hate exercise. But with so many of us now working from home permanently, it seems that it has become a little more…creative in recent years. In short, it is possible to find an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

Here are some tried and tested ways of exercising that don’t come with that psychological burden.


Arguably the easiest and most popular exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise is, quite simply, getting your groove on. A Kitchen Disco is easily my favourite part of a stressful day. If you can keep it up for long enough, it absolutely counts as a form of exercise.

  1. Get a playlist sorted – Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Hannah Montana – whatever floats your boat. As long as you feel able to throw yourself wildly around the room with reckless abandon.
  2. Close your curtains – or don’t – this one depends on your relationship with your neighbours.
  3. Press play and GO!

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Ice Skating

Okay, don’t pretend that you’ve never watched Dancing on Ice as a child and then immediately floated around the kitchen floor in your slippery socks.

Why not give this form of exercise a try in real life? If you don’t live near a training rink, you will often find that at Christmas, it’s the central feature of your local Winter Wonderland.


Even more mobile than ice skating: roller-skating! By checking out sites such as Vinted or Depop, you will be surprised as how cheaply you can pick up a pair of second-hand skates.

Don’t forget to wear knee and elbow pads and a helmet – crashing down on tarmac is not all it’s cracked up to be (cracked up to be – yes? No? I’ll stop now), take it from personal experience!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

If you are lucky enough to live near a large body of water, why not give paddleboarding a try this summer? It seems to be an activity that is taking over Instagram grids across the world, and is certainly exercise with a view!

If you’re not confident in the water, head out to a supervised class first.


I couldn’t not mention the simple act of walking. Even if you just take a brisk 10-minute walk, it has lots of health benefits!

Around the block, to your local park or even getting off the bus one stop earlier, it certainly all adds up if you do it often enough.

The main pro to this form of exercise is that you can do it anywhere and everywhere, with no equipment, no sun needed, and no money spent – perfect.

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