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Is Instagram Adding Profile Views In 2023?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 23, 2023

Other social media platforms have added the feature, and there’s been a rumour circulating for a while that Instagram is adding profile views. We look into the claims and definitively answer if the profile views are coming to the site in 2023.

TikTok users will already be used to the feature and there’s been a rumour that it’s coming to Instagram. However, with users already wanting to know how to turn off TikTok profile views, it wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms. Similarly, on Twitter, Elon Musk introduced Twitter views, adding to the numbers at the bottom of a tweet.

It’s safe to say, neither of these has gone down very well. That’s why Instagram lovers are less than thrilled at the possibility of it being on there as well. Sure, social media is all about sharing, but as soon as you attach numbers it becomes a competition. Not to mention the mental health implications of it too.

Is Instagram Adding Profile Views In 2023?

No, there are no plans for profile views to be added to Instagram any time soon.

Speculation about a possible update has been up in the air for quite a while. Stemming from TikTok, users were worried that it would soon be on Instagram. However, this isn’t the case and it’s purely a rumour.

This wasn’t helped when a TikTok video claimed to ‘prove’ that it had already happened, but that was pretty badly edited and wasn’t the truth.

Similarly to Instagram, Twitter won’t be adding profile views either for privacy reasons. Instead, they’re interested in showing engagement numbers, which might not be a lot better. However, Twitter Business says you can see the former using Twitter analytics, but it isn’t publicly displayed.

So, there’s no reason to worry that either platform will be adding profile views any time soon. Especially as the reaction to rumours hasn’t been positive.

Users React Badly To Instagram Profile Views Rumour

If anything will stop Instagram from adding the feature, then it’ll be the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the rumours about it.

Can’t say that this is a raving review.

Nowhere on Earth would be good enough.

If they ever did, it truly would not have the users’ best interests at heart.

When we said there were negative reactions to the Instagram profile views rumour, we meant it.

This is quite a commitment.

People are already unhappy that it’s on TikTok, let alone other apps.

Thankfully, it is just a rumour so there’s no need to go to Mars or join the military. We can’t see it’s in Instagram’s plans seeing how badly people have reacted to the possibility either.

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