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The European Countries With Free Tuition Fees For Universities

Jasmyne Jeffery May 3, 2023

English students have had to pay for university ever since they started. Though maintenance and tuition grants were introduced, there’s still a hefty fee to pay. After confusion over Labour’s plans for students, you may be considering studying abroad. Well, you could do that very cheaply, as these are the European countries with free tuition fees.

Labour party had plans to scrap tuition fees for students, something that seriously appealed to the younger voter demographic. However, party leader Sir Keir Starmer has gone back on the tuition fee pledge, infuriating many.

Deciding to go into higher education can be really beneficial, but also very expensive. If you’ve got the travel bug but still want to study, you can have the best of both worlds; these countries have free universities, and some have the best universities in Europe in 2023.

European Countries With Free Tuition Fees

Though not all universities in these countries are free, and there are some terms and conditions, have a look at the following to see if studying abroad is for you. You’ll probably find you save a lot of money.

Scotland Has Free Tuition For Its Residents And More

You may not have to go very far at all to get a free education. All Scottish universities off free tuition fees to those who already live there. However, if you have a good enough connection to the country, you can still get in for free even if you’ve lived there for long enough.

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This has to be for those undertaking their first degree, but it does cover up to five years of education.

Even if you don’t meet the criteria, home fees are capped at £1,820, considerably less than in England.

Norway Has State-Funded Universities

One of the best places to study if you’re on a budget, Norway offers free education to residents and international students. Not only this, but this is for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

All you have to do is go to a state-funded university; there are plenty to choose from around the country.

There is a small fee to pay each term to the student union to fund the university’s services and facilities. However, this is around £50 — much cheaper than the thousands over here.

Sweden Has Free Tuition Fees For All Those In The EU

This may not be relevant to those in the UK since we left the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), however, we’ve still included it.

Essentially, students from Sweden, the EU and Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein get access to free tuition fees. Exchange students are typically also exempt from fees too.

Unfortunately, students from the UK would have to pay £6,600 and £22,450 per year, so potentially more than if you studied at home.

Germany Is A Country With Free Tuition Fees For All

Whether you’re a student in Germany, an EU country, or another one around the globe, your tuition will be absolutely free at pretty much all of their public universities.

If you’re not for a country in the EU, then you will have to get a residence permit and ensure you complete your studies there.

Denmark Has Criteria To Get In

Similar to Sweden, Denmark’s universities are free to those in the EU, EEA and exchange students. Again, not particularly helpful to UK students, but if you attain residence, either permanent or temporary you can get a free education.

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Refugees, protected persons and their relatives may also be permitted free university education.

UK Students Can’t Get Into Universities In Finland or Austria For Free

Unfortunately, this is another case of not being in the EU. Those who are can study in Finland or Austria for free, but UK students would count as being international and would have to pay a fee for both.

Greece Has Much Lower Tuition Fee

Though universities in Greece are free to EU and EEA students, those who don’t meet the criteria can still get low tuition fees.

Much cheaper than English university fees, if you do decide to study abroad then it will only cost £1,320 for an undergraduate course in a public university.

Even though UK students can’t necessarily get into all of the above for free, there’s normally a heavily reduced rate compared to here.

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