When Is International Men's Day As Women Celebrate Today?
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When Is International Men's Day As Women Celebrate Today?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 8, 2023

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Although today is meant to be about celebrating and acknowledging women, there’s one question on a lot of people’s minds. Thinking they should have a day to themselves as well, we look at if and when International Men’s Day is.

Lots of women, businesses and more are coming together today (March 8) to recognise the importance of women and to fight for equality in all aspects of life. However, each year when International Women’s Day comes along, there is always the argument that there should be one for men too. If you’re locked in this debate today, or any other day, then you can prove them wrong by informing them of the facts.

Is There An International Men’s Day?

Yes, there is an International Men’s Day celebrated every year.

The day is recognised much later in the year compared to the day for women, happening on November 19 each year. This ties in with the male-centric charity campaign that happens in the same month, Movember.

Marked in around 80 countries around the world, IMD first began in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999. The day was created by Dr Jerome Tuluck Singh in honour and memory of his father. Since then, it has received backing from UNESCO.

It was first introduced in the UK in 2010, with all four nations marking the day. 2022 was the most successful year yet for International Men’s Day in the UK. Men and Boys Coalition organise it in the UK, with over 600 organisations now taking part.

Photo by Raghu Nayyar on Unsplash

Why And How Is IMD Celebrated?

The day is marked to help make a positive impact on the lives of boys and men. It looks at physical and mental health, which greatly affects men and promotes positive conversation about masculinity.

IMD focuses on six main pillars. They are:

  • Promote positive male role models.
  • Celebrating male contributions.
  • Men’s health and wellbeing.
  • Highlighting discrimination and inequality, particularly concerning parenting and social attitudes.
  • Improve gender relations.
  • Creating a safer world for everyone.

The day also celebrates all men. This is regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or religious beliefs. IMD promotes positivity, change and equality — the same as International Women’s Day.

Lots of organisations hold events in the weeks surrounding IMD which include checking in with mental health, addressing toxic masculinity and concerns surrounding physical health. Last year, events included walking/hiking whilst having important conversations. There were cafe drop-ins, conferences and even Guinness World Record breaking attempts. Importantly, events were organised to raise money for charities that help men.

As long as you are positively addressing issues that face men, then how you mark the day is up to you!

It’s important to say that IMD works closely with International Women’s Day and that they are not against one another. Men, women and more can mark both days and recognise the importance of both and the issues they address.

So, if you get into an argument about International Women’s or Men’s Day today, or any other day, you can inform them that actually, both are pretty important!

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