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How To Do The Renee Rouleau Skin Type Quiz

Jasmyne Jeffery February 10, 2023

Skincare is really important for looking after yourself and feeling confident. However, finding out what kind of skin you have is a mission in itself, let alone finding the products that work best for it. That’s where the Renee Rouleau skin type quiz comes in. Gone are the days are buying dozens of products that don’t do the trick.

It’s always a little depressing when your shelf is full of expensive products that haven’t sorted out your skin problems. In a world of influencers and editing on social media, feeling confident in your skin isn’t easy. So, firstly, always remember that having blemishes, red skin and other ‘imperfections’ is completely normal. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there that may be able to help you out.

That’s where finding out what kind of skin you have comes in, and Renee Rouleau is here to help.

What Is the Renee Rouleau Skin Quiz?

The quiz is set up by skincare expert Renee Rouleau who has over 30 years of experience in the field. She’s worked with celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Lili Reinhart and Madeleine Petsch, and their skin always looks pretty good.

Throughout her time, she’s developed products catering to 9 different skin types; you can discover yours by taking her skin type quiz.

You’ll answer 8 very simple questions about your skin and skincare habits, and also about what you want from the products you’ll use. Taking less than a couple of minutes, you’ll then be told what skin type Renee believes you have as well as products that will help with any problems.

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

How To Do The Renee Rouleau Quiz

Taking the skincare quiz is super easy, you just need to head to the website and enter your email first. You’ll then be emailed a 15 per cent off voucher which you can use on some products later on. Super handy. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe from their marketing whenever you want.

You’ll be asked 8 questions, with 3 or 4 options to pick from as your answer:

  • What your age is.
  • What type of moisturiser do you prefer.
  • If/when your skin gets dry or dehydrated.
  • If/when you get skin redness.
  • How sensitive your skin is.
  • The amount of sun damage your skin has.
  • Frequency of blemishes.
  • How simple you want your skincare routine to be.

Once you’ve selected your answers for all the above questions, you will be allocated a skin type!

The 9 Skin Types

1. Oily, clogged pores and severe breakouts across your face.

2. Oily, combination, occasional breakouts and anti-ageing.

3. Oily, combination, sensitive and consistent breakouts.

4. Oily, combination, sensitive, occasional breakouts.

5. Normal, sensitive, red and anti-ageing.

6. Normal and anti-ageing.

7. Dry, tired and ageing.

8. Dry, sun-damaged and ageing.

9. Dry, sensitive, red and ageing.

Alongside your skin type, there will be recommended products down the side that you can use that 15 per cent off voucher for if you want to give them a try. However, if you think the suggested skin type is a little off, you can look through all the different types and what skin care products are recommended for them.

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Other Renee Rouleau Skin Care Quizzes And Skin Type Info

The skin type quiz isn’t the only one Renee offers. You can test your skincare knowledge with the following quiz, making sure you’re up-to-date with the facts and figures regarding your skin.

Perhaps you just want more details about the 9 different skin types, and luckily the skincare expert gives you that too. There’s a whole page dedicated to what the different skin types mean, as well as a blog from Renee which will help you find the right products for your skin.

There isn’t a lot to wait for if you’ve been having skin drama and need a fix from an expert. Plus, everyone enjoys taking a quiz to learn a little more about themselves. Even if you decide that Renee’s products aren’t for you, there’s no harm in looking at the ingredients and finding a high-street dupe for half the price!

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