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The Top Universities For Psychology In The UK

Jasmyne Jeffery May 20, 2023

It’s a very popular subject, so wanting to study the course at one of the best institutions in the country is understandable. To help make your decision, we can advise you as to where to study by telling you the top universities for Psychology in the UK.

It’s an increasingly popular subject with increased interest in mental health and many directions for job prospects afterwards. The need to set yourself out from all the other psychology graduates is therefore increased. One way to do that is to attend one of the top universities for the subject.

We can help you out with where to study and give you the top five rankings in the UK.

The Top Universities For Psychology In The UK

According to the Complete University Guide, these are the best institutions for the subject in 2023.

5. King’s College London

Making into the top five after moving up a place is King’s College London. Definitely a well-regarded university, it scores especially well in research quality if that’s a particular interest.

  • Entry standards: 80 per cent.
  • Student satisfaction: 77 per cent.
  • Research quality: 88 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 81 per cent.

Somehow, the university gets an overall score of 93 per cent despite it’s individual categories not gaining above 90. Despite that, it’s still a great choice as to where to study psychology.

4. University of Bath

Remaining in the same position on the table for 2023 is the University of Bath. This would be a great choice for anyone not wanting to study in London. Plus, the city it’s incredibly scenic and historic which could be a want for some potential students.

Here’s how it scores:

  • Entry standards: 91 per cent.
  • Student satisfaction: 82 per cent.
  • Research quality: 76 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 78 per cent.

Overall, the Russell Group university gets 93 per cent, the same as King’s College.

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Into The Top 3

3. University College London

Into the top three for universities to study Psychology in the UK and we’re back in London again. Yes, UCL is number three on the list, getting an impressive overall score of 96 per cent. Let’s take a look at that broken down.

  • Entry standards: 92 per cent.
  • Student satisfaction: 79 per cent.
  • Research quality: 89 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 88 per cent.

Another of that does well in research quality, it actually scores best on the list for graduate prospects. This could be the choice for those who are career focused.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford comes in at second place, so there’s no prize for guessing what’s coming first! Just losing out on being the best university for Psychology, it still gets a very high overall score of 98 per cent despite dropping a place in 2023.

Here’s how it scores in the individual categories:

  • Entry standards: 93 per cent.
  • Student satisfaction: N/A
  • Research quality: 91 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 70 per cent.

Oxford will always be a very competitive university to get into, so make sure you’re prepared by looking at our potential university interview questions before applying.

The Best University For Psychology In 2023

Finally making it into the top spot and it’s occupied by the University of Cambridge, which gets 100 per cent as an overall score. However, you’ll notice there isn’t a mark for student satisfaction, so make sure to get in touch with alumni if Cambridge is your choice.

  • Entry standards: 100 per cent.
  • Student satisfaction: N/A.
  • Research quality: 90 per cent.
  • Graduate prospects: 74 per cent.

Despite being the best, its graduate prospects score is particularly low, which might be worth considering.

We can’t tell you where to study Psychology in the UK. But hopefully our list can help you make a decision!

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